UltraPedic® Pet Bed Features

UP® Pet Bed Cushions

Conform To Pet Anatomy

It’s all about pet resting and comfort.   peUP® Comfort Cushions® are comprised of multiple gel springs in close proximity to each other. They inter-lock and work in concert to conform to any anatomy or contour perfectly.

The Cradled Suspension System® provides counter-force supporting the anatomy against gravitational and centrifugal forces being applied to its surfaces. The very soft and resilient composition of the FDA Approved Platinum Silicone is entirely hypoallergenic, imperious to pests and easy to clean.

Calluses form on a pet’s elbows, hips and other areas of the body when they sleep, or rest on hard surfaces. Calluses are referred to as pressure sores and can develop into abscesses. Foam products or blankets used as beds for pets compress into hard surfaces when weight is applied.

These products may feel soft and buoyant to human touch and squeeze; however, resting on them for several minutes is not comfortable and becomes even more so, the more time that is spent on them. In these regards it’s the definition of hardship.

If you think a pet’s joints differ from that of human joints, then just go ahead and put your elbow into a foam product, or blanket and try to withstand more than five minutes in that position. You will understand how a pressure point develops from the weight of your body on your elbow, and how every uncomfortable the experience is.

The UP® Comfort Cushions® never bottom out, meaning they remain resilient, and softly support the anatomy even when the weight being applied is substantial. Pressure to joints is greatly reduced because of this feature, and calluses are less likely to form. The best feature of the UP Comfort Cushions is that they are never hard and always comfortable for resting pets.

Comfort and sleep are essential to the well-being of pets. UP pet beds are impervious to bugs and other pests, as well as pet pee. The cushions can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergents that should be hypoallergenic for pet skin. The auto-conforming geometry of our patented technology provides an orthopedic support system that conforms to body movement and shape in dynamic fashion.

UP pet beds for dogs or cats,  provide  dual use applications such as bath mats for pets. Care must be taken to thoroughly dry individual gel springs after each use. It is possible to elevate pet beds for different contours and elevations by building up these areas with firm materials that will retain desired contours. UP cushions will conform to these shapes and provide the comfort and support inherent to the product. Our cushions can be placed on almost all surfaces..

Our custom line of luxury long-haired sheep-skin Shearling covers are tailored to fit your choicse from UP cushion sizes and shapes, and come in (22) exotic colors.  Our Cradled Suspension System® provides the ultimate in a suspended, calming effect for pets due to the fact that pressure points are virtually negated by the soft and resilient composition.

The UP® pet beds come in both standard and custom cover materials.