We are an American and Veteran owned start-up, and we manufacture comfort. Our products are invented, patented and made in the USA. We think the superior quality and range of our products can make us into becoming a world brand. Our patented technology extends to over twenty different product lines all representing the state of the art in terms of true comfort for humans and other animals.

When we say ‘The Most Comfortable on Earth®’ we prove it. The geometry of our products is truly remarkable and is explained individually for each product. Our goal is to establish a manufacturing facility capable in meeting the demand the public may have for our 20+ product lines stemming from our utility patent issued in January 2017.

We will launch just four of our products initially, the UP® Bike Seat Cushion, the UP® Insole Cushion, the UP® Pet Bed, and the UP® Home Yoga Mat Cushion. We have advance capabilities ready to be put in place once our campaign is complete. We have production equipment capable of producing a bike seat cushion, or insole cushion, one every 5 seconds, at its slowest setting. We have sewing pattern templates made for each of the 4 styles of bike seats, so as to provide properly form fitted covers.

We have calculated the numbers of molds that may be required from demand, based on the daily production capabilities of our machinery, for the shortest possible deliverytime after the end of our campaign.


Our unique technology coupled with the highest-gradeFDA approved materials produce products of superior quality. We have been testing our seating cushion for more than 8 years showing zero signs of degradation. Our Insole cushion will last substantially longer than any shoe insert can last today, which typically last for a few weeks. Our bike seat cushion, and other cushions demonstrate no signs of degradation, or deterioration from use. Our cushions perform and continue to do so, as they do at time of purchase.

The superior materials used for our cushions are unique in a particular way. Aside from their excellent dynamic memory, providing constant counterforce and conformity to anatomy and surfaces, they from the moment of their original manufacture, over time, years, continue to cure toward the initially rated shore value level of softness.In effect, the efficacy of our products improves over time.

As they are used, each evolves into becoming perfectly ripened, like brand-new. There is indeed much added value for all of our products. Instead of deteriorating, they are reinforced by their internal mechanisms toward a state of being fully cured.

We are not a disposable products company. We believe in producing products with lasting value. All Ultra Pedic® products exemplify this attribute. In time as we ourselves learn the extent of our products’ extraordinary longevities, we will be able to extend warranties accordingly.