As we launch our individual campaigns for each product on our website for 3 months from April 20, 2020, , we will then launch the products on KickStarter for 2 months to completion of campaign.  We will keep all participants notified at all times during the course of our campaign with respect to our progress and milestones achieved.

Once any single campaign is completed, we will fulfill all orders as expediently as possible, and address any issues that may develop e.g. delays, returns, corrections, and refunds.

We will audit, and monitor all promo code transactions, and advise all promo code participants of their tabulated status for credits paid and due, every 30 days.  At the time of a Kick Starter launch we will notify Backers to finalize their pledge amounts.  It is at this time that payment information is collected. 

Some 14 days after completion of a campaign, Kick Starter will release the funds collected to us, and we will immediately embark on establishing our manufacturing facility, for which we already have key machinery necessary for production.

We will strive to open the facility for production within three months from end of campaign.   We will keep all Backers posted and advised of our progress during this period.