Ultra Pedic® Insole Cushion Features

UP® Insole Shoe Cushions

It’s all aabout walking , running and standing comfort.  UP Insoles are for men and women, that run, or walk, or work on their feet for long periods. Our insoles are replacements for shoes that have removable insoles. UP Insoles will also work for shoes that have no removable insoles, except their may be conditions where the heel does not seat properly, due to the added thickness of the UP Insole. In these cases we recommend our UP Insole with Heel Support.

The patented UP® Insole Comfort Cushions® are comprised of multiple gel springs in close proximity to each other. They inter-lock and work in concert to conform to any anatomy or contour perfectly.

The Cradled Suspension System® provides counterforce supporting the anatomy against gravitational and centrifugal forces being applied to its surfaces. The very soft and resilient composition of the FDA Approved Platinum Silicone is entirely hypoallergenic.

The UP® Insole Comfort Cushions® never bottom out, meaning they remain resilient, and softly support the anatomy even when the weight being applied is substantial. Whether standing, walking or running, the UP® cushion protects against hard surfaces and jarring impacts with each stride. UP® Gel Springs provide a measure of stimulation with each step taken because our patented technology is designed to provide buoyant support without collapsing.

The UP® Insole cushions come with a Bamboo Wicking Anti-Bacterial outer cover that is washable.

All sizes for both men and women are available and can be considered as orthotic aids.

Our Insole cushions conform to any arch shape, exactly and provide soft and gentle support. Shoes such as High Heels, Pumps, and the like with enough interior space to accommodate the UP Insole thickness, can be fitted with the cushion. It has been observed and noted that even Flats allow for the extra thickness due to the forgiving resilience the UP Insoles provide. Each individual toe is supported in cooperation to their individual anatomy characteristics. The foot is sparred the jarring effects produced by walking, running and jumping. With respect to plantar regions of the foot, the UP Insole prevents the state of bottoming out, you never bottom out, always softly suspended.

UP cushions are clearly the best pet beds, best bike seat cushions, best shoe insoles in the marketplace today.